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May 10

See us at the 2018 Decorators’ Show House and Gardens

By Josh Springer | Uncategorized

Wanted to see our 2018 creation for the Decorators' Show House and Gardens at 4140 North Illinois St. See it all by clicking right here...

This show house will be open until 6:00 on Sunday, May 13th. We hope you get a chance to stop by and take a look.

Not to worry if you don't have a historic property, Property Pros can transform the exterior of properties of all ages!

Want to get learn more about our fabulous design and build services? Click below to find out more about what we do.

Jan 27

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Landscape Design and Build Company for Your Next Project

By Josh Springer | Resources

The traditional method of having an outdoor project completed on your property involves more than one company or contractor. For instance, you have a landscape designer who draws up plans for the project according to your vision. Then another company comes in to handle the landscaping work. Finally, you might hire a third company to design and complete the build for hardscapes like a deck or a paver patio.

What many homeowners are finding out is that this is far from the simplest and most streamlined way to get a landscape or hardscape installed on their property. A more recent development in the industry is a "design and build company." It's an easier way for homeowners to get large outdoor projects underway. It also means significantly fewer headaches as well as associated costs and delays.

What Is a Design and Build Company?

Design and build firms usually take the jobs of multiple companies and package them into one. For example, you would previously turn to different companies for landscape design, hardscape design and installation of both. A design-build company handles all three phases plus continued care of the property after the project is complete.

These companies are typically a team of designers, project managers and landscapers to streamline the process of a project. But what are the advantages of using a design and build company over multiple contractors to complete a project?

5 Reasons to Use a Design and Build Firm

1. One Company Simplifies the Whole Project

When you entrust a project to one company, it's clear why you get a simpler and more streamlined process. Rather than a segmented process with delays while waiting for two or three companies to work on their individual phases with minimal cooperation, a design and build firm communicates and cooperates internally.

You get a more efficient project when designers, project managers, builders and landscapers are all on the same wavelength. The team in charge of building can better interpret the vision of the designers when they're all familiars. This means your initial vision for your property can be carried through the entire process of the build easily.

Working with one company also means simpler budgeting without adding changing costs from different contractors. If a price estimate changes during the process, you can easily work to offset costs in other areas.

2. Changes Can Be Implemented Quicker

When you hand an entire project over to one company, the moving parts within the company are more responsive. When different contributors on a project are all part of the same group, it becomes easy to make changes.

Think of it this way: When you use multiple companies for different phases of the same project, what happens when you or one of the contractors sees a reason to change the plans? First, the landscape designer or hardscape designer has to be on the same page with the plans. Then, they have to mirror the changes in their respective designs.

Think about when you have more than one contractor working on installation of decks, paver patios, landscape feature. It's often difficult to make sure they're cooperative to the degree that they need to be. You have to make sure that they are all on board with the changes to designs and make those changes.

On the flip side, with a design and build firm, anyone involved can change something in the plans. The designer then communicates internally with project managers, who easily reflect the changes in the build.

3. Excellent Supplier Relationships

An experienced design and build company can leverage relationships to help your project cut costs and take less time. This not only saves money because supplies are discounted, a quicker project means fewer labor hours to pay for. These firms have control over the whole process. There are usually materials experts within the company who not only know the best type of stone, wood and other building materials for high-quality hardscape construction. And landscape experts with knowledge of the best soil, plants and trees for the natural side of the build.

These people experienced enough to have great supplier relationships with the potential to lower the cost of the project. Designs are also made with availability of supplies in mind. What do we mean by this? When the landscape and hardscape design phase is separate from the actual, practical installation phase, the materials and plants used in designs are based on ideals: what would look the best in a certain spot. With a design & build company, designers are working directly with the people sourcing materials to complete the project. This means they're more likely to think practically about what is available. Individual designers tend to present an idealized image of the final product reflected in the design.

4. Designers Who Understand the Practical Side of Landscaping

With a design and build company, the landscape and hardscape designers understand the challenges of practical installation. These features are often more complicated than designers tend to estimate at the beginning of a design phase. When they disconnect from the process once the build starts, they don't get a context of what works and what doesn't. This changes when the whole process is overseen by one company. Designers reflect a practical vision in their designs and they can make it easier for clients in the future.

An experienced design team can find a balance between designs for a great-looking property and ones that help keep the costs down. Then they draw up clean digital AutoCAD designs and print them on an in-house color printer.

5. A Design and Build Company Can Handle More Than the Installation

They're the ones who designed and installed your new outdoor space. An excellent landscape design and build company is equipped to maintain it after the installation. Whether this means power-washing paver patios, decks and other hardscapes or keeping the landscaping looking like new, the best design and build companies incorporate this service into a package for your project.

Why Hire Us?

At Property Pros Land Management, we turn your vision into a reality as only an experienced design and build company can. We consult you about every change, every decision and every cost along the way. The result is an elegant space with a flow that reflects the process of a company working in harmony.

For more information and reasons why you should trust us for your next landscape design and build project, contact us today.